Wednesday, 1 February 2017

An Odd Sight

      Our whole town was a wreck. The hurricane had no mercy. It had destroyed our houses, damaged our crops, and stole away five of our fishing boats. Our town relied on the salmon that was fished, it was our only export.  

One night, I went out for a stroll when a siren went off and began blazing. The street was deserted. Curiosity began prying into me and I followed the noise. It led me to the edge of the forest where a peculiar sight-rested. Our fishing boats, all five of them, were swept away into the forest. What an odd-sight.

Monday, 23 January 2017

My-mother’s prized possession was her garden.  It was covered in roses, lilies, tulips, and her favourite, the Anemone.  It stood in-the corner of her garden, across from the carrots growing under the soil and radiated a soft, mauve glow.  One day, I had to prune some of the flowers in the garden when I saw a mouse.  I ran to the corner of the garden to hide from the rodent.  But on my way, I tripped and with the cold, steel pruning knife, I cut the Anemone flower in half.  When my mother came out, she was tearful. I was never-allowed in the garden again.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Plane Ride

This was our first trip to Egypt, and we were already on the plane. It started out bright and sunny. We were up above the white fluffy clouds, with sun filtering through. I could feel it glowing through the window. But as the weather changed, the flight became shaky. Then announcement came from the captain,

“We are experiencing some turbulence due to the sudden storm; please buckle up and prepare for the ride.”

       I shut my eyes and dug my nails into the armrests. My-breaths-became-shorter, as if the air was choking me. Soon-the winds died down and sun broke through, we were in Egypt.