Friday, 12 May 2017

Sunday Dinner
                 Everything that my mum made for dinner I gobbled it up, I practically inhaled it. Her cooking was all gourmet and all elegant, I loved it all until one day…

            It was Sunday dinner and my mother was cooking. The aroma of food carried us to the dinner table, I was ready to gobble it up but then I looked at it. Three hard shells we're placed front of me with a side of salad. My stomach churned and growled. No matter how hungry I was I couldn’t it something so disgusting. She called it ‘Escargot’. So when the left the table, I dropped each little shell into the fish tank. Years later I tried the delicacy, it was quite delicious.

Monday, 1 May 2017

A change in Opinion
            The slime phase had ripped through our school like a tornado. To be honest I did not understand the whole idea. Slime is disgusting, savage, and does not serve any real purpose. At least that is what I used to think.

            One-day-as-I-walked-into-class,-a-friend-of-mine-was-showing-off her tub of slime. She was surrounded with the class, mesmerized by the so called “Fluffy Slime”. Soon I heard the alerted words of my friend, “Teacher Coming!” she frantically shooed the crowd away and picked up the heavy slime above her head when it slipped from her hands and landed on my mine. The slime dripped through my hair. I stood in shock until a drip of slime landed on my hand, ‘how light and playful’. To this day, I still love slime.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

         A bully. That was what I was. I had never thought after what I had gone through I would turn into one of them. I guess what goes around does really come around. What I did was not even so bad. So what if she lost her eyebrows. What she did to me was much worse. I could feel all eyes around me, pointing and laughing.  What a bunch of jerks’ I thought. I could feel the plaster hardening around my back, I struggled but it was no use. You could see my back from the outside of the wall, while face on the other side, a blank canvas for people to ruin. I guess I got what I deserved.