Thursday, 6 April 2017

         A bully. That was what I was. I had never thought after what I had gone through I would turn into one of them. I guess what goes around does really come around. What I did was not even so bad. So what if she lost her eyebrows. What she did to me was much worse. I could feel all eyes around me, pointing and laughing.  What a bunch of jerks’ I thought. I could feel the plaster hardening around my back, I struggled but it was no use. You could see my back from the outside of the wall, while face on the other side, a blank canvas for people to ruin. I guess I got what I deserved.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Buried Alive

        I-laid-still-under-the soil, feeling slick-creatures-swarm-around-me. The-air-become thicker-until it was all gone. I could feel the dirt in my throat and the blood on my head. I prayed with all my heart that this was just a dream. I had just gone out for a short walk, how could it have gone wrong. Someone bashed a rock on my head I got dizzy.  I fell into a ditch where they were planting a tree and they buried me. They thought I was dead but I was not. I tried screaming but no sound came out. I sprung my had forth and reached the top. I flung it back and forth waiting for another hand, but I was alone, and no one found me.