Monday, 6 March 2017

Buried Alive

        I-laid-still-under-the soil, feeling slick-creatures-swarm-around-me. The-air-become thicker-until it was all gone. I could feel the dirt in my throat and the blood on my head. I prayed with all my heart that this was just a dream. I had just gone out for a short walk, how could it have gone wrong. Someone bashed a rock on my head I got dizzy.  I fell into a ditch where they were planting a tree and they buried me. They thought I was dead but I was not. I tried screaming but no sound came out. I sprung my had forth and reached the top. I flung it back and forth waiting for another hand, but I was alone, and no one found me.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Closet

            Suddenly-the-lights-went-out-and-I-was-trapped-in-the-dark. She had done it again. Every time I happened to annoyed her she would trap me in the closet. It should have been be easy to escape from but no. What she does is first lean on the door until I give up, then takes a rope and strings it around the closet door knob and our bathroom’s door knob. If I ever tried to open the door, the escape would be too small for me. I stayed there, trapped for what seems like a lifetime, until the sound of the garage doors opening echoed through the house. I opened my mouth and let a shrill cry fill the house, “MOM!” she-rushed-upstairs-and-rescued-me-as-my-eyes-filled-with-fake-tears. My-sister-was-in-deep-trouble.